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Board of Directors: An exciting volunteer leadership opportunity

Journey to Diversity Workplaces is both an experiment and a project. Haven’t you ever wished you could work somewhere better? Somewhere where they went out of their way to not only appreciate you, but treat you right, and pay you fairly? We want a different kind of workplace where diversity is championed and so is the worker.

At J2DW, our employees are our members. Period.

Respecting differences ethically, morally, and legally.

We are a member of Volunteer Canada, and Charity Village, CIRA, OnGood, and a partner with Get Involved, and VolunteerMatch.

Journey to Diversity Workplaces invites residents living in Simcoe County (including the cities of Barrie & Orillia,) to submit an expression of interest to join the organization’s board of directors to guide us into a bold, promising future. As a Board member you are strongly committed to J2DW’s vision, mission, and values. You have a strong personal and professional integrity, and have experience with, or are comfortable with, the governance – as opposed to management – role. In an era of fiscal constraint, combined with extraordinary population growth, governance leadership will be a significant and rewarding challenge.

Through your professional skills and experience, you will:

– Ensure J2DW lives its values, mission and vision.
– Guide J2DW to achieve its strategic directions
– Be responsible for making decisions in the best interests of J2DW
– Be accountable for the monitoring and oversight of J2DW’s performance standards and other outcome measures
– Ensure financial accountability, providing feedback and guidance to the CEO
– Provide a link with J2DW to ensure effective communication of community perceptions and needs

You must be at least 18 years of age and not have the status of bankrupt. Meeting are held in Barrie on the third Thursday of the month usually via Skype, though we do meet in person at least twice per year.

For more information on our board please contact Peter V. Tretter, President & CEO at If you are interested in serving on the J2DW Board, apply by 15 May 2016 by visiting


How Safe Are You From Promotional Barriers?

Almost one year ago, Journey to Diversity Workplaces was incorporated to help fill a need in this arena. A place where those on the front lines can seek help, or volunteer. An organization that wants to make a difference, but rather than preach about it, we’re leading by example

We want to make a difference in their lives, in our lives, and in your life.

Right now we are researching the correct business to purchase. We are on the cusp of finding one that fits right with what we do.
To get there, however, we need your help. If you would become a member, or donate $50 that will help us to reach out to more people, and to continue to find that right fit
It’s easy to become a member. Visit us online! You can also donate online! Our website at is a community gathering place. With our recently launched blog, Voices of our Nation, where we are hearing from you, and taking your blog submissions! There are several levels of giving. Here is an example of what your gift will achieve:

$25 – will help keep our communications hub going for a month
$50 – will help keep our communications hub going for two months

$100 – will help keep our communications hub going for two months, and allow us to reach out to those affected by barriers to internal promotions at their workplaces.

Please help make a difference in our community by contributing to our campaign.

Would you rather become a member, or donate via mail? You can do that too! We are not a charity, so unfortunately there won’t be a tax receipt. However, every dollar you can contribute goes right into our mandate! 

Thank you so very much for your ongoing support, for reading this email, and for your help meeting our goals for 2015! You truly are a kind soul.

It’s go time!
Peter V. Tretter
President & CEO
Journey to Diversity Workplaces 

P.S. – We’re already leading by example, with a diverse board of directors with backgrounds such as working in H.R., finance, I.T., healthcare, teaching, and the military!