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Why I am thankful

We are lucky here in Ontario, Canada to have some really nice weather – despite it being almost mid-October. Usually I expect snow by now, but instead it has held off in favour of both unseasonable high weather, and a balmy autumn.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada, and I am more than thankful for a few things.

We are a country of enormous natural beauty and with thousands upon thousands of square kilometres of untouched wilderness. We have pockets of wild places within reach of most urban centres. ~ Elizabeth May

So what is it I am thankful for?

  1. Health and safety standards in Ontario. Things like the right to refuse unsafe work. Health and safety isn’t a priority everywhere, and that is when it is or is not enforced. Some countries don’t even have such legislation.
  2. Minimum wage. Many countries have no such thing, and while I think Ontario’s could be a lot higher, at least we have one.
  3. Television. Because we all need to be able to relax. Our lives, and jobs, are stressful enough.
  4. A diverse culture here in Canada, that makes things more interesting, and more creative.
  5. The changing winds that bring us new technology, new foods, new friends, and certainly new culture.

I hope you and your family had an amazing Thanksgiving, and have a wonderful autumn!

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