President & CEO

Our President & Chief Executive Officer is Peter V. Tretter.

Peter founded Journey to Diversity Workplaces in December, 2013. Born in Toronto, and raised in Ottawa, Peter moved to the City of Barrie in 2008. He has worked for various companies such as the Hudson’s Bay Company, and Dell Canada. He has volunteered in the political, and social justice arenas. He is the immediate Past President of the Barrie Green Party, and is the current Chair of the Board of Living Green Barrie. He currently works for the Royal Bank of Canada

1Profiles of Diversity is a series in which we profile in each post one of the members of our Board of Directors.

Today’s member is Peter Tretter.

Peter is the President & CEO of Journey to Diversity Workplaces.

By day Peter is a bank teller for a major national bank. Peter says his greatest strength is his ability to take a situation, and then to accept, or reject it. And if he reject it, then to find, or create, an alternative.

Peter has several hobbies including reading, spending time online, movies, tv, and board games. He says he has met many interesting people over board games.

He got interested in Journey to Diversity Workplaces because he is the founder. And he founded J2DW to make a difference.

His greatest achievement is being accepted in to a Master’s degree program.

And he says he sees us in 5 years “Winning in all the right ways, with several businesses, and treating everyone right.”

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