About us

Journey to Diversity Workplaces: Respecting differences ethically, morally, and legally!

Journey to Diversity Workplaces is a unique project with the aim of changing the workplace for the better forever.

We believe that everyone deserves respect and fair treatment when it comes to work and payment, no matter who they are or what they look like.

This is why we started this experiment so we can make sure that everyone is respected, diversity is celebrated and our differences are considered our strengths not our weaknesses!

At J2DW there are no bosses and employees – we are all equals.

Durch Vielfalt erreichen wir Freiheit

We are a member of OnGoodCharity Village, CIRA, and the Ontario Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. We also partner with VolunteerMatch.

J2DW Bylaws 2018 Revised on Scribd