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Profiles of Diversity -:- Shan Simpson

Shan Simpson
Profiles of Diversity is a series in which we profile in each post one of the members of our Board of Directors or volunteers.

Today’s profile is Shan Simpson.

Shan has a physical disability. He tell us his greatest strength is resiliency. He is driven to succeed. He earned his Eagle Scout badge at age 14.

Shan’s hobbies include sports, reading, listen to music, and blogging. He really enjoys basketball as he can play it with his disability.

Shan got interested in J2DW because he thought it was a good idea. He lives in a small area with little accessibility. His proudest achievement was going back to school and earning his Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He’s also proud of his Eagle Scout Award.

In 5 years Shan sees J2DW having expanded to more areas and with a more global reach, especially to smaller communities.

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