Back Gender diversity and the leaking pipeline

by Simon Lee 

In a number of Asian countries, women make up nearly half the formal workforce, according to national labour surveys. Yet on average, less than a quarter make it into senior positions and in some countries the figure is as low as one in ten, according to the Gender Diversity Benchmark for Asia 2014 launched by Community Business last week. Companies can do much more to avoid a ‘leaking pipeline’ of female talent in their organisations.

The research draws on employee data from 32 multinationals across six key markets: China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. The participating companies – including sponsors Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Brown-Forman and Google, and a range of other major brands including Coca-Cola, Novartis and Thomson Reuters – together employ over 240,000 people across the six markets. Each provided data for at least four of those markets. (Read more…)

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