Your rights as an employee

Your rights as an employee

  1. The right to refuse unsafe work. If the work you are asked to do could harm you or a co-worker, you have the right to refuse. Your employer may ask another employee to to do the work while the Ministry of Labour investigates, but it must be in your presence.
  2. Health & Safety training is mandatory in Ontario.
  3. Ontario workers are protected by both occupational health and safety and employment standards laws. Employers must pay at least a minimum wage and provide a safe and healthy work environment, among other responsibilities.
  4. The right to know. You have the right to know the hazards in your job. Your employer or supervisor must tell you about anything in your job that can hurt you. Your employer must make sure you are provided with the information you need so that you can work safely.
  5. The right to participate. You have the right to take part in keeping your workplace healthy and safe. Depending on the size of the company, you can be part of the Health and Safety Committee or be a Health and Safety Representative. You also have the right to participate in training and information sessions to help you do your job safely.
  6. The employment standards act sets out minimum standards for employers in Ontario.

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