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What are the benefits?

What are the benefits of serving on a nonprofit board? 

Most individuals who already serve on a nonprofit board need no outside justification for being a board member; they know perfectly well what they are doing and why they want to continue doing it. However, there are others who are too shy to join a board or who need someone else to tell them why it makes sense. Here are some reasons why people join nonprofit boards: 

• They know their skills are needed. 

• A nonprofit is going to improve and will benefit from their contributions. 

• There is a possibility to effect change in an organization. 

• They will feel good by doing good. 

• They enjoy collaborating with interesting people who have the same interests and values. 

• They want to learn new skills. 

• They enjoy being recognized for their efforts. 

• They want to give back to the community. 

• They have found a new reason to live productively. 

• They want to have an impact. 

• It can be fun. 


Consider joining our board today!

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